5 Reasons Why You Need Cell Phone Screen Protectors, Despite Anti-scratch technologies like Gorilla Glass

Modern generation electronics, particularly portable devices such being the Smartphone or tablets use the latest technology when it comes to the screen and outer cover. The glass used for the display is supposed to be scratch resistant polysyndeton difficult to break.

The High Intention Technology

One of the most common types of glasses that is currently being used for the display is famous as Gorilla Glass. Gorilla glass is made from an alkali-aluminosilicate material. This material is hypothetical to make the phone scratch free. Nevertheless, there is dormant need for you to buy a censor protector from your Cell Phone Accessory Distributor.

One thing you need to note, is that the technology was not there 4 years ago. Any portable maneuver from that time is ostensible to be full concerning scratches and chips. This would denial only be caused by dropping, yet also by the keys and sand particles in your pocket and bag.

It’s not Perfect

There is still hanker for the screen your cell phone accessory distributor, despite the advances in technology. The Gorilla Glass is untroubled not perfect. It most destined contrary not develop scratches from the keys in your pocket, however it will develop a lot of scratches from the sand particles.

Scratches from sand particles jug be quite severe. They could make your display look unattractive and denigrate your phone. They can be stubborn to get rid of. If you want to get the phone’s display as well as the company looking as good as new, keep the whole phone protected alongside attractive covers from a reputable cell phone accessory distributor.

Fingerprints and the Sun’s Glare

Scratches will not be the only concern that will compel you to buy covers from your cell phone accessory distributor. Fingerprints are also a problem. Gorilla glass and all other high end brandish glass technology cannot prevent ugly finger prints from accumulating on the cover. If you let finger prints accumulate on the display, you will find that they are also tend to be quite stubborn to remove.

Most of the displays, even from high-end Smartphones will tend to glare under the sun. This is a concern for many people, particularly those who work outdoors or common go for excursions like hiking. If this is a problem for you, look for screen protectors with anti glare protection.

It is wise to acquire a screen protector and a covering from a legitimate Cellphone Accessory Distributor as later as you can. You will keep the phone looking as good as new and will encourage its asset incase you hunger to sell it later.