MRI Software Revealed the Dates and Location of Its 20th International Users

Cleveland, Ohio, January 31, 2014 – Every year, MRI Software hosts its etesian International Users Conference (IUC), a two and a half day event that involves clear 60 education classes, product demos, and one on one interaction with MRI’s knowledgeable staff. This year will mark the 20th IUC event, and MRI intends to celebrate this milestone with new content sessions, exciting product updates and announcements, as well as many networking opportunities.

For 2014, the IUC will verbreken held at the New Orleans Marriott, a beautiful hotel that is perfectly located in the famous French Quarter. The location is within walking distance regarding Bourbon Street, Jackson Square, the historic Cafe du Monde, and numerous restaurants and art boutiques. The conference will kick off with a reception on the evening of Sunday, October 19th, and wrap up the following Wednesday afternoon.

“At the 2013 conference, we enjoyed our highest attendance since MRI became a standalone company,” said David Post, CEO of MRI Software. “In fact, over 91% of IUC attendees would recommend the talk to a friend or colleague. With this achievement in mind, we are excited to build on this momentum, take client feedback inside consideration, and host an even better conference in 2014!”

One of MRI’s ongoing initiatives is to constantly look for new ways to improve the overall user experience. Announced during the 2013 IUC, MRI will be introducing a new cutting edge user interface later this annual that will improve the slacken of navigation inside MRI’s highly configurable software. As part of the ongoing efforts to enhancement the MRI experience, the interface will be browser agnostic, providing users the freedom to use whichever internet browser they prefer. MRI Software is committed to powering maximum flexibility in a way that is convenient for today’s users, and the updated user experience will deliver on that promise.

For more information about the 2014 MRI Intercontinental Users Conference, please stay our website.

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