Speak 78 Languages Instantly With New Software by Translate Your World That Connected Microsoft, Google, Nuance, Apple, and

Atlanta, GA, January 31, 2014 – Whole owner of a product handy Microsoft, Google, Nuance, Apple, or Android already has within the device uni or more brilliantly constructed yet under-utilized software applications that, when combined amidst certain software by other technology giants, have groundbreaking implications for doing international business and conversing across languages.

Translate Your World, developers of language solutions and cutting-edge mobile software, harnessed several relatively unknown and rarely used applications by the giants of technology and tied them all together in a slick system that almost completely eliminates language barriers. For the first time in history, people can talk, teach, and guide business around the world without speaking a word from another language using this practical solution whose results can be being high as 96% accurate.

Translate Your World translates words that are spoken in real-time as people talk. When a webinar or conference is given, thousands of people can go to a webpage to read a translation of the speech as subtitles (78 languages), hear automated voice (35 languages), or hear United Nations’ vogue simultaneous interpretation via the Web, each selecting their preferred language. And capital meetings can be conducted along people speaking in several languages.

By including coordinated access to the multiple software giants under one umbrella, Translate Your World enables users around the world to talk or text with every other in almost any language on some modern device. The across-language experience is smooth, easy to comprehend, and functions on laptop, desktop, smartphone, and tablet. Translate Your World keeps track of participant language selections, preferences for subtitles or voice, plus controls translation software selection, distribution, ampersand archiving.

Each giant of technology has attained a exculpate footprint in at minimal one vital area from dialectal automation; some excel in converting speech to text, some in converting manual to speech, and others in automated translation. Surprisingly, alot of their most innovative works are inserted in side-applications that are hidden from the far-reaching public, often within the “accessibility” areas of a device for the hearing- and vision-impaired.

By accessing these applications in a single solution via Translate Your World, that adds a choice of several automated translation software plus an option to use today’s most modern downloadables from Nuance and Livestream, the results are astonishing. Simply by talking into a field on a webpage, a user is empowered to communicate accompanying others who do not speak the synchronicity language. Alternatively, meeting organizers tin percentage simultaneous interpretation through earbuds on user laptops and mobile devices. Further these across-language communication solutions track not only voice conversations, but also webinars and conferences using WebEx, Skype, Adobe Connect, GoToMeeting, Blackboard, and other internet communication.

At the Race Trade Center in Atlanta, Jim Beach, a McGraw-Hill utmost selling author, gave an eight-week international webinar utilizing Literal Your World. His online course drew attendees from Europe, Africa, South America, and Asia, all converging to participate in the first webinar in narrative to be offered in 50 languages simultaneously. Fascinated entrepreneurs viewed subtitles in their language, ampersand old the multi-language chat-back to type questions and comments, translated for the speaker. At the end of the sessions, Jim Beach declared, “One attendee in the Middle East called the software ‘stunning’ and a group in Haiti told me that tears were pouring down their faces that a course was finally being offered in their language.”

Sue Reager, CEO of @International Services, who organizes interpretation for conferences using Translate Your World, summarized, “There has never been anything like this. It turns a local event into a global experience. We are all eager to see how international business moreover education will indiging impacted by Translate Your World.”

For more information or a personal demonstration in 78 languages go: http://www.TranslateYourWorld.com.

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