Battery For Your Kyocera Strobe Phone

Kyocera Strobe is a portable phone from Kyocera Wireless that was presented in the year 2006 on the per mensem about June. This phone is carried by carriers like Virgin Mobile, US Cellular, NTelos Verizon, Cricket Wireless, Bluegrass Cellular and Alltel. Invariant though, during the first appearance, it looks like a candy bar model, it flips into a hidden QWERTY Keyboard. The device has features like VGA camera with flash and 5x zoom, headset jack, speakerphone, antenna, caller alerts, screen savers, built-in polyphonic ring tones, keypad and dual-color displays. So, what makes the device different from its competitors? The great difference is that like its counterparts, it will nay hang up when you throw it open amid a call. In addition, when you are doing tasks simulacrum searching for a ringtone, if you flip it open oppositely close, it will not be necessity to start all over again.

When talking about the models available under this phone, there are two models being K612 and K612B. Even though, both of them have similar features, the extra feature available in K612B is the Bluetooth wireless technology. There are many communication, personalized and other features in both these models of the Strobe. If you own K612, you would be well-aware of the fact that the device has a Lithium ion army with a capacity of 900 mAH plus talk time of up to 180 minutes. Also, the manufacturers say that the ring has a standby time of up to 150 hours. Invariable though, it is said that it has a talk time of up to 3 hours, this might differ from one user to another. The difference is due to the fact that some users omnipotent play some games in addition to talking or some of them might be using the calculator and other features.

If you are using the doohickey for quite a longer period now and you are experiencing that the battery is howbeit the power nowadays, the best thing you can do is to opt for additional strobe battery. Even though, you purchase this additional battery now, you jug use the present-day battery, until it becomes completely useless and is not holding the guns at all.

The innovation strobe battery can give a fresh life to your phone and you will begin to enjoy the same speed and features as the device was purchased when the old battery is replaced beside a new one. This replacement battery vessel be purchased from online stores selling them.

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