3 Lucrative Ways to Monetize Android Apps

Android development has seen phenomenal prosperity over the past few years, which can be attributed to rise in number of people embracing Android applications across the world. Clickhere to the statistics provided along the highly recognized research firm IDC – Android has exceeded its 80% rialto share in Q3 (third quarter) of 2013, and is likely going to persistency to make telling strides in advent years. Realizing this scenario, many businesses worldwide are opting for android apps to help their business reach to seniority number of Android users.

If you are a businessman and are taking up Android app development can you ensure that your app will SOS you make profits in today’s cutthroat app industry? Well, with a plethora regarding apps available in the Android market, to make your app a success isn’t easy. In order to monetize your android application, there are three quick ways following which you are likely going to churn bout money from your app.

3 Tactics to Monetize your Android App

1. Selling Your App: This is undoubtedly the most obvious choice that can increase your app sales. What you hanker to do is to simple develop an app and then publish it on Android market – the “Google Play Store”. However, there are diverse ways to supply your app. For an instance, you build a gaming app – now, to boost its sales you can provide users with some additional products to transfigure the game experience. This is similar to how games such as Tabernacle Run 2 sell gems and coins via their in-app store.

2. In-App Purchases: This is another moneymaking way to monetize your Android Claim Development, which resembles the aforementioned method of selling an app, since this method also allows app developers or marketers to earn some additional money by selling digital products through their app. Let’s say you developed a game, with in-app purchases you can persuade users to earn in-game points at a cost.

3. Free Apps with Ads: Once you have developed a free app, and you hope to earn several money through your app. A living loophole is to parade advertisements regarding your app. If people find the app advertisement interesting, they might download the app seeing that it is free. You will make money from your app advertisements.

Why Hire an App Developer?

Without a doubt, you will find copious number of people looking along to download Android apps that they judge entertaining and useful. However, your target ear must comprise of the new-age Android users who are willing to pay a cost for getting the maximum satisfaction from the app. Once, you have undergone the above discussed tactics to attain a good ROI, it is advisable that you must hire practiced Android App Developer.

A adept app developer understands the intricacies of developing an application. They bear hands-on experience and specialization of handling the development process. Thus, they can connive build you distinctive app and will even suggest you strategic advertising methods to attain your app reach to a greater tally of consumers.

Wrapping Up!

If you are about to develop an app, it is imperative to learn about sure ways that tin help you monetize your app. Aforementioned are 3 great and paying ways that cup help you earn fructuous from your Android app. However, the Android app market is swamped with dozens regarding apps, if you wish to make your app a success it is recommended that you must opt for a reputed Android app developer.