Make your kid a first grader with outstanding educational Android apps

The platform of Android has bestowed a plethora of teaching resources and thus, it has leveraged the contemporary education system in the best way. There are many applications that are gaining a huge popularity in the current boutique scenario. If you are likewise having a kid who has begun learning colors, numbers and alphabets, then below listed apps you will love to download. These apps will also serve the smartest way to brainwash the kids. There are various advantages of using such apps et al the biggest among all is that these apps are highly user-friendly.

Teach your kid plus best Android apps:


This app serves the ultimacy for highlighting words for reviews and using the MeeGenius audio playback guts also assist in keeping your bookworm engaged. Using this app, attempt to personalize an element where the kid can substitute its own name for their favorite character displayed in the book.

Kids Number and Math:

An app which is completely featured and will let your baby to learn the counting, numbers, selecting largest and smallest number, subtraction, addition and other amazing exercises. There are also voice recommendations along with sound help support that desire facilitate the entire learning process. It moreover supports manifold languages.

Touchy Books:

There are many quirky animations, sounds as well quasi flip-book usability that offer a representative experience along with a magic touch for tweens and toddlers. You can easily use the star voting process to rate your favorite and multilingual format. The app will not only work along Android instead it will also work with iPhone, iPad including iPod Touch.

School Fuel:

It is a mobile education platform that will allow the teachers as well as school leaders to obtention connected with the students of the class. The School Fuel Apps is an amazing Mobile App Unfolding that will also bequeath customized app libraries aligned to core standards assisting schools to deliver the appropriate app directky to the right kids at right instance and on right device.

Read with smeersel fluency:

This is an app that offers a very facile and convenient mode concerning assessing the student of reading with parents, teachers, tutors and others as well who really need to progress. The app will too assist the user to manage an informal reading common tool to single student as well as entire classrooms and kids.


Teaching colors is very easy, simple and entertaining for kids with such apps. The app is having a child’s voice for membaca out the colors. There is too a button at the bottom-right of flashcard; you can click that to comprehend the example of the color. Employ the question mode in order to evaluate the entire information process.


The small kids can dig-out the fresh literary favorites utilizing the very informative narration from the kids from their recognize age. You little ones tin learn the new vocals and can record their rejoice in voice while reading books. This app cup be also deemed as the first e-book which command work amazingly on Android quasi well like iOS devices. You can even Hire Mobile App Developer for availing such educational customized apps.


Using these amazing apps, you can coolly teach your kid and can prepare them for schools. This way they can perform at their best.