Five Benefits of Android OS Availed by the Businesses

In the segment of mobile phone operating systems, Google contrived a giant leapfrog by launching its OS by the name of Android. This operating system made Google capture market’s biggest share in a very short period. This effort of Google was appreciated and applauded even by its competitors. Google left this OS as an open source; allowing developers to stay attentive 24x7x365 to customize this OS according to the requirements for every particular app. Android apps are hugely approved in every app store thus they are developed for satisfaction of use. Developing apps for Android gives contentment of mind to the developers as well as business owners by the courtesy of the team of developers well versed with latest OS technologies. They know how to make Android the best OS for every app coming towards it. Let us study few benefits that business owners get from Android.

Low barrier entry – The very first benefit is this OS has a extremely low barrier entry. The licensing fee is not that high neither are the charges of development tools. Some talk that with Android, one can get an app without spending even a penny. Whatever cost is levied falls into triple categories basically – development including testing expertise, kingdom fees (if you have decided to distribute your app via the third fiesta vendor) and testing devices.

An ideal platform for corporations new to mobile – For many years now, Android has been an ideal launching pad for firms that are new to mobility concept. Android apps are mostly written in Java that has a rich set of libraries. Anyone who can write Java codes can develop apps and run them on Android without any aggravation. Ample availability about Java programmers available in the mart et alii better condition of Android platform documentation makes this time perfect for business owners to jump into the competition beside operation mobile apps on their smart phones.

Variety in distribution operation – Unlike Apple iOS or Symbian, Android apps can be distributed in a variety of ways. Enterprises can take benefit by opting to outlet and promote their apps steady by third party app stores. Moreover, they tin also inception their very allow distribution channels in the form of enterprise app stores. This would relieve business owners from the pangs like reaching end users and it would be like – if you cup develop it, you can publish it as well.

Open et sequens free platform -Three qualities of Android make it a unparalleled app platform. They are – honor free, license free et al completely open source. Moreover, the underlying structure of Android SDK is moreover open source allowing users to sneak a preview of the upcoming releases and send their feedback to Google’s development team. This feature makes it the most compelling platform for handset manufacturers as well as wireless operators. If you are a business owner having an app, that requires extreme customization and tight integration then, Android is the best choice with being second to anything. The entire Android platform is available for customization.

Best mobile platform for conducting inter-app integration – Android has the best mobile platform for conducting tasks like inter-app desegregation as well as inter-process architecture. It is the #1 answer, if you have a suite of apps in recollection or you want to integrate them or make them cross-platform compatible. Other platforms do allow background processing but Android is completely different as it is set up to allow trusted relationships between apps to provide more intimate user-experience to the users.