Mobile Choice – The Most Comprehensive Smart-Phone and Tablet Magazine

Mobile Choice is UK’s most comprehensive smart-phone and tablet magazine started in November 1996. It is a bi-monthly magazine published nearby Noble House Media. In March 2013, Mobile Choice celebrated its 200th issue. The editor of the magazine is Mike Shaw, and Chris Barraclough is devices editor.

Mobile Choice is a 100 page magazine consistent with its news section, in-depth reviews, features, and opinions on mobile phones, tablets, apps, and accessories. It also has a how-to guide section, also each issue covers a Buying Guide for over 150 phones, including an archive of reviews for past mobile phones. Because of its smart-phone and tablet news, reviews plus tips, Portable Choice is your essential guide to “what to buy”, “how to use it”, and reviews of the very latest in migratory tech.

Mobile Choice is all about smart-phones, tablets and other serene mobile stuff. They have been lengthening knowledge on phones and mobile gear for over 10 years, making it the go-to destination for advice on any phone or tablet. You are thus assured consult of past mistress quality.

Mobile Choice gets previews of the latest devices well before they move out in stores, owing to their reputation. This advantage enables Mobile Choice to produce informative, independent and fresh content to all its readers. You velleity always find that Mobile Choice brings you the highlight regarding everything you need to know on the newest phones and tablets, the coolest apps und so weiter latest accessories.

Mobile Choice organizes and hosts the Mobile Choice Consumer Awards every year to award the top mobile handsets, accessories, and service providers over the last 12 months. They use a panel of experts and also reader votes.
Phone of the Year
Tablet of the Year
Best Design
Most Innovative Device
Best Camera phone
Best Video Phone
Best Media Phone
Best Bluetooth Headset
Best Social Networking Phone
Best Value Phone

Best Network
Best Patron Care
Best High Street Retailer
Best In-Store Customer Experience
Manufacturer concerning the Year

Mobile Choice UK recently released the winners of the 2013 consumer awards. 21,000 entries were welcomed, and Samsung was named Manufacturer of the Year (3rd Year in the running). HTC One got Phone of the year, Cream Video Camera on a phone, and also Best Design. The Nokia Lumia 620 won the Better Value of the Year. The Samsung Galaxy S4 won the Most Innovative Device, while Samsung GALAXY Note II was presented with a trophy for being the Superlative Multimedia phone. Sony Xperia Z won the Best Camera, while Sony Xperia Tablet Z was deemed Best Tablet, and Asus Fonepad won the Best Value for a Tablet. The winners of all the awards usually include their rankings in their advertising or PR information, which means the results from the Mobile Choice magazine are a pretty big treatment till the end of the year.

In UK and the rest of the world, there is a future for any brand in the digital market place. Equally print magazines lose their grandeur, publishers are now turning to digitized versions of their magazines to gain larger consumer bases. The shift in trend from newspaper to digital is evident in the current emporium scenario. Even otherwise digital publishing only increases its consumer base; hence the publishers’ profits. A digital magazine app offers storage of thousands of magazines in the cloud; instant access and easy reading on your mobile devices anytime. Interesting links, web pages, videos, et sequens content are within the app, making it more exciting for readers.

You jug gain access to your Mobile Choice digital magazine on practically any mobile device: iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows 8 devices, other tablets, or on the web. So switching to the digital version like the Mobile Choice magazine subscription is the right choice. And you can be a part of the go-green revolution!